A close relation to slalom racing is the discipline of speed sailing. GPS technology can be used to see how fast you are travelling and it's a great way to push yourself to your limits! The two spots that I use for speed sailing are West Kirby (near Liverpool) and The Ray (Southend-on-Sea) but I also like to see how fast I can go at my home spot Brogborough Lake.

You can view my PBs on GPS-Speedsurfing. My PB for peak speed is 44.70 knots (44.33 knots over 2 seconds) but an equally exciting run was 37.82 knots on Brogborough Lake (November 2012) which is definitely not a speed location! My distance results are 41.84 knots for 250m, 40.44 knots for 500m and 38.10 knots for 1852m (nautical mile).

I have a few speed videos on YouTube so check out my own videos and my favorites.

Here's a photo of me at West Kirby in February 2013: